by Airbus Defence and Space

A set of API to empower our partners

Are you looking to do more business online? Are your customers asking for 24/7 access to tasking and ordering? Do you plan to promote your imagery services through a mobile application? As a partner or a reseller, Airbus DS GEO has a set of exclusive tools to help you build a successful online business. 

Airbus DS GEO empowers partners and resellers to promote satellite imagery online and create great applications for their end users with a powerful set of API and some ready to use tools and code source.

Catalog API

The Catalog API provides a direct access to all our SPOT1-5, SPOT6-7 and Pleiades archive. More sensors are being added regularly !

Ordering API

The Ordering API let you connect to our production system so that you can order our products and get delivered 24/7

Tasking API

The Tasking API allows you and your users to directly control our constellation of satellites and request the acquisition of new imagery 

Viewing API

Our imagery is also accessible in streaming so that you just need to connect to our Viewing API to start exploiting it and creating value for your customers

Setup Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.


  • Read the documentation
  • Play with the sandbox
  • Write some test code
  • Get some great ideas!


  • Discuss Sales & Marketing
  • Sign contract
  • Grant credentials
  • Validate API access


  • Develop application
  • Switch from Dev to Pre-Prod
  • Switch to Prod
  • Quarterly maintenance


Our APIs will help you to create better online user experience, to fully automate your ordering process and to create useful web apps for your customers. With these tools, you can provide value to your users right inside their business application. You can create dedicated services focusing on what is relevant for your clients. Being more relevant will drive more sales and customer satisfaction.
You can access the API documentation in the Developer Portal.


Test our Catalog API through our Open Innovation Platform (YouMapps)


ESA, Esri, Exelis, Apollo Mapping, Harris, Blackbridge, CloudEO: A growing number of partners are using our API to create tools for their users. They have leveraged our API to create dedicated tools that help their customers be more productive. Without leaving their work environment, their customer can now search the whole archive of Airbus DS GEO and order relevant imagery to them in a timely and user-friendly way.

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  • Catalog API
  • Ordering API
  • Tasking API
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